Management Information Systems Department


  • To develop and customize computer software (MIS)
  • To develop and maintain MUHAS websites and intranet
  • To train users, both students and employees, on the use of new software systems
  • Acquisition, development and maintenance of University management information systems and services
  • Development and maintenance of corporate and other databases
  • Preparation of facts and figures, statistics and other reports for the University management
  • To carryout income generation and resource mobilization activities

Educational Technology, Research and Development Department


  • To develop and regularly revise ICT course curricular
  • To conduct training of ICT related courses and continuing education
  • To acquire, develop and manage online and offline educational digital resources and services
  • Acquisition and development of research and data centres and data management
  • Overall development, delivery, promotion and support of virtual teaching, learning and research systems and e-learning
  • Linking with other higher education, national and international organizations to contribute to development of ICT education and services
  • To design and conduct specialized ICT courses
  • To carryout income generation and resource mobilization activities

Network and Systems infrastructure Department


  1. Acquisition, development, management and ensuring proper maintenance of University ICT network infrastructure
  2. Development and management of expanded corporate network and internet services;To provide fast, reliable and secure access to intranet and internet, and e-mail services for staff & students.
  3. To advise the MUHAS on the segmentation of the LAN to a logical division
  4. Management and monitoring of centralized network services such as domain controllers
  5. To carryout income generation and resource mobilization activities

User Support Department


  • Acquisition and maintenance of user access hardware and peripherals
  • Help desk: Provide a one-stop point for problem calls and resolution, requests and information about ICT services.Vendorcontacts for problem resolution.
  • Overall management of student access and use of computers at ICT centres, Schools, and halls
  • Repair and maintenance of computers, printers, projectors, communications systems and technical support of computer laboratories, systems security, power supply systems
  • To supervise and monitor the usage of computer equipment in staff offices and students’ laboratories
  • To keep inventory of all ICT equipment.
  • To service and repair computer systems and their peripherals
  • To use ICT to provide and manage telephone services at the University
  • Setup, Administration, and maintenance of application servers and networks
  • To carryout income generation and resource mobilization activities

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