The ICT Infrastructure Section is responsible for ensuring network and severs are well planned, installed, managed and maintained as well as ensuring security and intrusion detection systems are installed and properly functioning. ISSis also responsible in coordinating University ICT support at the University through an ICT Help Desk, and ICT Hardware and Network Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services. ICT Help Desk Unitwill be responsible to respond to inquiries, incidents about support and channelling to the respective section. It will provide a one-stop point for problem calls and resolution, requests and information about ICT services.

The section  have the following units

  1. Hardware Workshop
  2. Network and Servers Unit (Data Centres/Server Rooms)
  3. Telephone Unit
  4. Video Conferencing facilities
  5. Help Desk
  6. Computer Labs

The section currently manages the following infrastructure:

  1. Data Centres/Servers Rooms (MPL, HD-CHPE, offsite at Mloganzila)
  2. Local Areas Networks (LANs) – Fiber Optic and Structured cabling system
  3. Wireless Access points (Hotspots) Network at MUHAS and Chole Campuses
  4. Four (4) computer laboratories
  5. Two Video Conferencing facilities (One at HD-CHPE and other at the Library)
  6. Over 20 servers, 4 routers, 92 switches
  7. Digital PABX and Telephone network over 500 extensions
  8. Internet gateway and Firewall
  9. Around 600 computers connected to LAN and other 2500 wireless devices
  10. Managing over 2,208 LAN network points at MUHAS main campus
  11. Mail, DNS, and proxy services/servers



  1. To develop and implement strategies for improving ICT infrastructure
  2. To formulate and implement of guidelines and standards regarding ICT equipment, network and servers
  3. To plan, administer and supervise all computer network functions for the University including the maintenance and software updates to all servers.
  4. To ensure proper designing, installation, management, maintenance and documentation of University ICT network infrastructure including corporate network, intranet and internet services.
  5. To provide fast, reliable, quality and secure access to intranet and internet, and e-mail services for staff & students.
  6. To design, develop and maintain links with computer network and systems within and outside the country for the purpose of data communication.
  7. To develop, implement and monitor access policy, security policy, and service level agreements between MUHAS and upstream providers, and MUHAS to clients who enjoy our internet and website hosting services.
  8. To manage, control and maintain University telephone network infrastructure and to update the telephone directory (manual and electronic database).
  9. To develop, manage and monitor centralized network services such as domain controllers, telephone and printing services.
  10. To ensure that networks, systems and services are available to authorized users and that information is processed and transferred correctly and preserving its integrity.
  11. To provides ICT awareness training and workshops to University staff and students to facilitate an understanding of how the section is serving the University on various services like internet emails and web services.
  12. To design and carryout income generation activities and solicit funds for upgrading and maintenance of MUHAS ICT network and servers, preventive and corrective maintenance
  13. To act as the first level support users to resolve any incident or forward it to specific department(s)/vendors and manage online helpdesk system
  14. To ensure that all ICT related equipment are working reliably as expected by making sure that ICT equipment are well maintained and repaired in good time.
  15. To improve the quality of support delivered to users through the ongoing review of services provided and the skill level of operators in meeting the needs.
  16. To analyze, support and coordinate requests for computer system service.
  17. To install, configure and support of personal computers, software and user peripherals
  18. To provide technical advice/information and assistance to users on ICT hardware related matters such as specifications, warranty and guarantee. Management1 of University wide hardware and software purchasing arrangements
  19. To work together with Computer hardware and software suppliers/vendors to acquire products and pricing information for computers, applications and peripheral equipment.
  20. To repair and maintenance of computers, printers, projectors, communications systems and technical support of computer laboratories, systems security, power supply systems.
  21. To supervise and monitor the usage of computer equipment in staff offices and students’ laboratories
  22. To maintain inventory of ICT equipment
  23. To develop, implement, enforce and review of the Hardware Maintenance Policy
  24. To prepare schedule and carrying out annual preventive maintenance service for all ICT related equipment.
  25. To manage and supervise the experts/vendors during maintenance of ICT equipment
  26. To communicate relevant hardware maintenance information to users
  27. To advice the director on matters related to ICT infrastructure on technological advancement, security threats, investment, application and implementation of, guidelines and standards of ICT on all applications and systems hosted at MUHAS.
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