ETRS is responsible for all academic, research, innovation, development and consultancy matters of the Directorate inline with the University vision, mission and objectives. The Section will also be responsible for development, management and maintenance of applications and services for supporting Learning management e.g. E-Learning Management System (Moodle)

The section will have the following units

  1. Training and Educational Technologies Unit
  2. Digital Health Unit
  3. Research and Development Unit
  4. DICT Consultancy Bureau


  1. To plan, identify, develop and implement new Educational Technologies for teaching, learning, and research
  2. To coordinate consultancy activities undertaken by members of the DICT thus increasing the deployment and motivation of skilled human resources.
  3. To develop and regularly revise ICT course curricular
  4. To expose the MUHAS faculty and students to the opportunities and potential of various technologies in enhancing teaching learning and research. 
  5. To conduct training of ICT related courses and continuing education for staff, students and clients outside the university.
  6. To acquire, develop and manage online and offline educational digital resources and services
  7. Acquisition and development of research and data centres and data management
  8. Evaluates, promote and supports academic technology tools such as course management systems, multimedia graphics tools, virtual teaching, lab simulation tools, specialized databases and research systems and e-learning.
  9. To coordinates, develops and organizes ICT programs; such as workshop, Courses, lecture and training series
  10. Provides consulting, technical assistance and training to faculty working on instructional technology projects, e.g., development and use of interactive tutorials, web resource site development and online assessment tools
  11. Collaborates with faculty to identify technologies that will enhance learning in on-campus and distance-based courses in support of the Schools.
  12. To conduct research on ICT related issue for improvement of ICT services and university development.
  13. To inform faculty on trends in instructional technology, methods for effective use of technology in teaching, and use of specialized tools.
  14. Linking with other higher education, national and international organizations to contribute to development of ICT education and services
  15. To design and carryout income generation activities.
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