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Welcome to Directorate of ICT -(DICT) MUHAS

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A very warm welcome to DICT-MUHAS webpage. The directorate deal with providing and maintaining network infrastructures to ensure and support the core university business processes in both academic and administrative.



Welcome To DICT Consultancy Bureau

Consultancy Bureau (DICT) aim is to conduct consultancy in order to enhance the quality of  research and training services as well as enhance financial capacity of the Directorate and University as whole.

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Network/ Servers Administration

It is all about MUHAS LAN,WAN,Intranet and Internet

S/W Application Development

We have the capacity of locally developing our own system software applicatin

Website Design & Development

Encompasses several different aspects including page layout,CMS & production

e-Learning (LMS- Moodle)

Used to provide and support distance learning

Our Services

Ensure proper designing, installation, management, maintenance and documentation of University ICT network infrastructure including corporate network, intranet and internet services.

Ensure that all ICT related equipment are working reliably as expected by making sure that ICT equipment are well repaired,that the maintenance of computers, printers, projectors, communications systems and technical support of computer laboratories, systems security, power supply systems are in good times.

Manage, control and maintain University telephone network infrastructure and to update the telephone directory (manual and electronic database).

Concerning with the Installations or Upgrade, configure and support of personal computers, software and user peripherals.

Conduct training of ICT related courses and continuing education for staff, students and clients outside the university.

DICT -Sections

The Directorate has three sections/department namely with respect to the activities performed under ;

  1. Computer Network Section -CSN
  2. Management and Information Systems Section  -MIS
  3. Educational Technologies and Research Section (ETRS)
Senior System Administrator
Deals with the servers administration and network configuration and other tasks.This is the backbone of everything digital on campus.
Mr. Fikirini Akbar
Head Of CSN
The department deal with organize training for capacity building (staff& students) on IT technologies and data Analytic supports.
Dr. Felix Sukums
Research & Training
The department ensure the availability of required software's by observing the standards and systems that supports core activities at the university
Mr. Andrew Katemi
Head Of MIS

In House Developed Systems

Directorate of Information and Technology (DICT) have the capacity of building our own systems .We have a development  team which are committed and very dedicated.

Contact Us

9 United Nation Road; Upanga West, P.O.Box 65001, Dar es salaam:
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